Sunday, May 12, 2019

Diary - Sun 12 May early morning

Boarding flight soon from Yerevan to Amman via Doha, then straight to work (without laptop since i left it home before traveling) for the big full day meeting about the personality test they made us do.

Since i left Thomas Lang back at the hostel, somehow i felt sad, this vacation with him has been intense, spending LOTS of daily time together, sometimes just chilling and reading, and sometimes conversing about history, nationalism, feminism, vegan use of nonvegan terms such as cheese and meat, business, family ... all sorts of things.

We spent the first 2 nights in Yerevan, i arrived morning after an overnight train ride, and he arrived cycling, we spent the first day stalling around the city, i got some time before he arrived to do my hair and nails, we of course did our business when we first met in the hotel, then went off for lunch, he wanted to go to a bakery which we did but they didn't understood what vegan meant, after he had a couple of pastries, we headed walking to a vegan-friendly restaurant but on the way we found an Indian restaurant that actually felt more like money laundry business 😂

Later on we continued our walk and had some wine ... TBC

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Ups & downs

And suddenly once again, i feel peace!
Suddenly, I feel happy for him.
Strangely, remembering his loving comments to her made me smile and see the loving heart in his soul once again.

Suddenly once again, I feel gratitude for what we had and accept that it wasn't meant to grow.

Just internal peace and inner happiness within.
Love you and wish you the best.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

lost the last connection

After the most recent revelation of knowing he moved on with a new gf since december, as if all my reality collapsed around me fallen apart on me.
I realized now that the binge traveling i had was a subconscious attempt to be around his essense, a connection we once had.
Suddenly, many feelings changed about my upcoming booked trips, now i understand all those nonstop trips, my heart was somehow unknowingly still looking for him.
My mind knew he wasn't there but my heart felt he was, and my heart was apparently wrong, he was, and still is, with her.
I thought I already lost hope, but now i know i just did, only now.
It still hurts and it still aches, i thought i moved on, i thought he was out of my heart, looks like he's still there and still messing me up inside turning all of me upside down.
Turning the page now in better hope of a future without him in my thoughts and heart.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Endless Nightmare

You made my worst dreams come true!
I used to have such nightmares and wake up in the middle of the night with a broken heart to find myself in reality in your arms.
You used to tell me such things would never happen, you used to assure me it's only a bad dream and you will always protect my heart.

You used to tell me you love me as you love life itself.
I loved you as i loved life itself, i was true when i said that, now i hate life.

Saturday, November 4, 2017

Enough already

Stop the nonsense and come back home.
Enough already!
I'm almost dead, taking my last breaths.. enough.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

10 pm

It's 10 pm, I'm already drunk, about to go home with a colleague who's been always interested physically.
All i can think of is him, yet i know it's over long ago, i lost all senses, i have no feelings with others anymore, i have no feelings for him either when he's around, i only miss the good great amazing times we shared together once upon a time. Thhe great old him.

I told him "you made me hate veganism" he got defensive.  In my mind now I'm thinking, of course he did, who else did? My grandmother?
He blamed the failure of our love on veganism, he blamed veganism over and over again, it's like all the pain i ever had was bcz of it!

I love being vegan, but i hate that he blamed everything on it.

4th guy to go to bed to, and he's still not there, i lost the power to live, i lost the will to live, there hasn't been a single moment since the damn day where i haven't wished to die, i still wish it everyday.

Fuck him.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Why I love him

Why i love this man:

He's a curious explorer with an insatiable desire to wander the world aimlessly and breath life within at a pace that suits his precious heart beats.
He's the smarter of us and the calmer, and most of the times wiser, he brings with perfect sweetness peace to my heart and knows how to reach to the deapest of my core and cuddle me with his flow of love that leaves me surrendering to him.
He lives in the world with peace and as he values his life, he does the same to others, he respects life and earth and the inhabitats, and he does it all gracefully.
With him I've been inspired endlessly and my life took great turns and my thinking shifted in interesting ways that without him, I wouldn't be the same.
Conversations with him are always filled with exciting discussions and higher lever analysis and deeper thoughts than the average, he fills me with the desire to hear more and know more.
His charming sense of humor and the laughs he brings to my life are at the essence of my joy and happiness, he makes me happier everyday.

I love this man because it's the only thing I can do around him, he leaves me no choices.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Visit Me

Come visit me in my dreams
I'll love you everyday
make love to you each night
in heaven we'll stay
no struggles no conflicts
just only pure joy
peacefully yours
i'll love you everyday

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Constantly Evolving

I stumbled upon my blog again today, and started reading some of my previous posts.
Couldn't go through all of them at once, 243 posts aren't easy to go through in one session.

It fascinated me how much I evolved and changed since the date of some posts. Some of them are so negative and gloomy, I know that I usually reach out to my blog when I'm sad, angry, frustrated or just need to let out something, rarely when I'm positive, but I still think I evolved and changed a lot since then.

Now I have an opposite positive outlook to life, I love life, I love people, I have lots of hope and my Utopian used-to-be-dream now seem achievable.

Few observations and most of the posts are 6-7 years old:
- I was negative in life, now I'm living it positively and happily, appreciating every moment of it.
- Pain (physical and emotional) plays a huge role in shaping my identity, my thoughtsbeliefs and ideology.
- I'm extremely sensitive to pain.
- My capacity to love, my passion, my giving, ability to forgive, all fearlessly, is overwhelming