Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am the being.. I am the eternal spirit.. I am the soul

I'm not my name, I'm not my home, I'm not my car, I'm not my job, I'm not what I do for living, I'm not my life, I'm not my family, I'm not my laughs, I'm not my cries and I'm not my tears.
I'm not my memories nor my past, I'm not my experience nor my past actions.
I'm not my heart, I'm not the one I love, I'm not my thoughts, I'm not my mind or my brain it's an instrument/tool that I have and use when I need to, I'm not my body it's another instrument that I have and use, it's my physical form bounded by physical-world boundaries including time, space, temperature and gravity limits, bounded by the laws of the physical universe such as "fire burns" and "moon is far", I am not bounded by them, only my physical form is and only when I lose my physical form that I become totally free.. timeless.. spaceless..

Detaching from the physical form is known as "death" and is commonly misinterpreted as the end of one existance, while it's merely a liberation from the physical container, from the vessel that is bounded by too many constraints.

My body and my mind will always be restricted by this spatial temporal world that my earthly physical brain resists to understand any other; for the logic it follows to analyze is also drivin by the laws of the physical universe.

I'm the owner of all what I have, the watcher, the being..
I am the soul trapped in this body warming it up with huge loads of emotions energizing it with life, wandering around ignited by the will of moving forward despite of any obstacle no matter how hard it is, refusing any kind of restrictions longing for the ultimate liberation!

I am the being.. I am the eternal spirit.. I am the soul
Set me free!

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