Monday, March 14, 2011


It's all in your mind, only in the mind.. ALL of it, doesn't even exist
Prove that you exist, you can't..
If you may use your senses to conclude the truth of your existence, they are insufficient for such case, because the mind is what processes all their input and interprets them to things you may feel, see, hear, smell or taste.. so it's all in the mind..

Prove that your body exists, you can't, if you may say I feel my body, i'll introduce phantom pain and phantom sensation phenomena, where one actually feels and senses non-existing body parts, and feels pain as well in them, like crushing or burning in non-existing body parts.. those ppl who experience this are mentally healthy, this kind of pain or sensation is usually following a limb loss, they feel their body part despite it doesn't exist.. because it's all in the mind, and thus, feeling something fails to prove it exists..

Same goes for eyes, what we see is not necessarily what exists.. we don't see the same world as seen by a dog, a cat, a bull or even a fly.. each of which see the world differently based on the specs of the equipment they have -the eye(s)- and the way their brain interprets it.. the mind is a very powerful instrument and can be easily manipulated, some drugs will cause your mind to visualize things that do not exist, how can you prove, based on what you see, that it's not your mind creating them, just as the lucid dreams? you can't rely on what you see.

Same goes for smelling, hearing and tasting.. it's ALL in the mind, the theory of "nothing exists" can't be proven wrong nor right, it will remain an unanswered question..

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