Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Highest Mountain Peak Curse

I once believed that when you lose everything and have nothing left to lose you will realize the meaning of your life, and when you get everything you will forget the meaning of your life.. the more things you lose the more realizations you get and vice versa.

Now I see it this way, if you ever reach to all what you have ever dreamed of, all of what you ever wanted, then out of a sudden you lose it all, as a result you will also lose every interest in all other things, because they are incomparable to what you had, because they will all seem superfluous.. and because they all will be predictable, vain and hollow.
If you reach the highest mountain peak you ever dreamed of climbing, no other mountain will ever attract you again..
It's like a job, what's your dream job? what if you got the job offer of your dreams in the workplace of your imagination where there is no better job whatsoever, then let's say that particular company got bankrupted for example, will you ever be as passionate as you were toward any other job?

If you achieved 9, will you settle for 2? If you got gold, will you accept wood?
If you reached the highest of your desires and got all what you have ever dreamed of, will you settle for less??

That's the curse that keeps you from moving on, keeps you stuck..
That's what I call the highest mountain peak curse!~


Buffalo said...

every mountain has its own beauty

Dareen said...


Anonymous said...

lack of b12 might help ;p

Slash said...

ain't no mountain high enough ;)

Dareen said...

@Anon: blv me it wont :) i know!

@Slash: I agree when mountains refer to things, but I don't when they refer to ppl, and their hight refer to how much what you ever wanted exist in them