Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time Travel with System Restore

You can use System Restore to undo harmful changes to your computer and restore it's settings and performance. System Restore returns your computer to an earlier time (called restore point) without causing you to lose recent work, such as saved documents, e-mail, or history and favorites lists.
Any changes that System Restore makes to your computer are completely reversible.
Your computer automatically creates restore points (called system checkpoints), but you can also use System Restore to create your own restore points. This is useful if you are about to make a major change to your system, such as installing a new program or changing your registry.

How I love IT world, so magical, full of backup solutions!! imagine there would be such "Life-Situation Restore" in reality.. WOW! something like The Butterfly Effect with a more elegant/organised manner... The thought of it is enough to make me daydream for hours.

However, I guess it would be somehow boring then; for the thrilling challenge about life is that it's unreversible, unrestorable, whatever you get you have to live with it whether you like it or not, learn to accept it.
Life will always, ALWAYS go on, with the same speed, the same clock ticks, it will never wait for you, neither to finish grieving, nor to enjoy a beautiful moment nor to plan, it will go on regardless of your situation, regardless of your desires, for to life you are just another element. Here comes the choice, the secret to inner happiness, inner peace; to live life, which is the current moment, not the past, nor the future, THIS is your life, Now it is, not yesterday, not 5 minutes from now, right now it is. Always have been, always will be.

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