Sunday, August 15, 2010


Destructors: In native programming, destructors are the part of a program that clean up the left-up/unused data from the computer memory.
Garbage: Is the left up data that remains after executing an operation
GC: Garbage Collector, a substitute for destructors in managed languages, they automatically do the same job in a bit different manner

Back to reality, destructors are pretty much the same as their cyber context. I'll set up some example scenarios:

Scenario 1
You remember you once had this delicious fabulous fruit when you were a kid that you don't realy remember its name, this memory sticks up into your mind for years, then you happen to see the very same fruit again, but it doesn't taste as good, in fact it doesn't taste good at all.
Memory destructed..

Scenario 2
You remember your favorite childhood teacher, her image is so pretty in ur head, you happen to see her once after the so many years and she's as ugly as death and as typical as a coin.
Memory destructed..

Scenario 3
You once had this beautiful sweet love that lasted for years with that very picky lover that only sees beauty in you, and you got out of that era with a bag full of sweet lovely memories, years pass by and you somehow spot ur ex in the middle of an orgy let's say. You may then cynically laugh
Memories destructed...
and so on

Here's the thing, we tend to exaggerate and overrate the value of those left up data in our memory -the garbage-, we love to keep up our memories, although usually there's no real value for this, the events that formed them had already contributed their share in forming who you are as well, and sometimes reminiscing them would only cause hurt and depression.
I used to admire this song long ago, but sometimes when you see the truth and know that what matters isn't or was never really there and what you always thought to be true is actually another pack of garbage in your head then you learn, to never really appreciate memories.

The moral of the whole thing is to use destructors right on time - which is exactly after any event occurs and leaves memories behind, delete all the left up garbage.. stay clean :)


StealthMaker said...

Some fun technical reading:

Anonymous said...

I am not that into technology, but i like this post, and i like the way you bind your real life and your job together.
well well well i think people's standards change with time, but the "core" never change.
About the beautiful sweet love,
everything happens for a reason, and maybe the orgy he is living, is the only way for him to move on and to get his love out of his head,
Life continues with one essential theme: The sins of men are, in part, the fault of women.

Dareen said...

@StealthMaker: interesting article! thanks :)
@Anon: thanks, as for the sweet love it's a meaningless example to clarify an idea that duzn't need extra analysis. and LOL @ the essential theme, i mean WHAT?! dude, seriously?!

MAHOC e!st said...

memories burn i convince my self that whatever happens, happens for a reason and for better life, as well the ones we love, we should always blame ourselves before blaming others, because i believe we always could do something else, interesting example about the orgy, but we know nothing to judge, nothing at all We or I cant judge, it hurts, finding something like that i guess somehow i know how its like, but who to blame really, nice article

Dareen said...

Everything happens for a reason, indeed, even if the reason was just to piss you off :P
As for the blame, I might have other opinions, since there will be no need for the blame if we won't dig into the past and just "delete" it and go on.. meh.. whatever who cares!


You are not a computer or piece of code to have a Garbage Collector, maybe all the data "memories" are saved some where in a bean, hash table or DB "deep inside your mind, your bones and blood in your subconscious moments", SYSTEM FAILURE

Dareen said...

The whole thing is just a figure of speach and the GC is a mere metaphor, it's the concept as a whole that could be adopted..
As for the system restore, check this out:



Dareen said...


MAHOC e!st said...

you missed my point i think, or i missed yours, i believe there is nothing to call " to piss you off " i things happens for other reasons, anyway some people deserve to be deleted i think, using shift, just its different with us

Dareen said...

lol @ shift, nice one xD

Ronan Dejhero said...

Damn ! that was hell a good post !
and i love this song - still :p

am kinda having only 2 bits of RAM :p , so no need to use any ~s :p

Dareen said...

Lucky you :)