Friday, December 17, 2010


I wanna fly high so high
up to the nearest sky
i wanna stay there while it's blue
stay there while it's nice, very high

won't need you to take me there, i can go by my own
and i might find your ghost

have you ever thought
have you ever used your mind
have you questioned what's around
i bet most of us are blind

why are we so numb, selfish
why is humanity so ugly
why did God create pain
doesn't punishment at the end make no sense

what if he wanted it to be this way
and judged based on that
what if your creator didn't suit your logic
what if your logic was the insane
what if i were wrong

who defines wrong?
who defines it all
how do we know
and according to what, we go?!

i wish to know
but when i think of it, i lose interest
why? who cares
what if he cared, God?
what if he was strict?
what if he didn't forgive

and he does hurt so well, oh he does hurt so strong...... i surely know!!
in fact, NOW i know

why is life, and ppl's creation, is done without their permission?
didn't God say he gave choice to mountains and they refused and he gave choice to man & he accepted..
i try to revive my memory but i can't remember anyone giving me a choice
i'm here, as all of you, totally against my will

and most of the simplest things are forbidden!!
but why is that, why doesn't it make sense anymore?
and at the same time feels right?? but feels so wrong!!
why doesn't the 'nagging-why' stop
& why do i have to worry anyways?

do numbers matter, fly my dearest soul
and when you reach
ill be safe, ill only be relieved, when you reach the bluest sky


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