Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mere Presence

What if someone's mere presence can get you high so high that you won't feel your feet anymore..
What if someone's mere presence can drug you, form a raining sun inside of you, gets you this huge heat rush all over, then relax you till you reach the ultimate numbness that you won't feel no pain anymore, no suffering, astonishingly stun you like an everlasting joy..

What if they can turn the sky to purple muffins, the air to the sweetest perfume and the surrounding sound to the greatest melody.. without doing or saying anything, simply by their mere presence!
What if they make you lose all sense of logic and fold your brain with this heavy tickling fog, and make you indescribably happy and content with a dumb smile all over your face!
All this happens to you out of a mere presence, only presence!

What if they can spread magical peace in the air, then carelessly leave all this effect behind and go
What if you find yourself cluelessly in love with someone who doesn't have a heart ?!

That's how I feel like:

In my dreams I can see you
I can tell you how I feel
In my dreams I can hold you
And it feels so real


StealthMaker said...

ok so two comments on the same blog on the same day is wayyy too much, that being said I cannot pass the opportunity to comment on this song, this is one of the best songs ever.

If my memory does not fail me this song is about the death of the singers' mother.

Dareen said...

Well I'm glad you're already taking the time to read my blabbering, and like it :)
You're welcome to comment at any time!
I'm not sure about the reason why the song was written, but it fits what I have written and it has got in my mood when I was writing this post.