Monday, May 9, 2011


you have every right to reject me, i never blame anyone for hating me, i do realize and understand that my stupidity is beyond your tolerance, i do admit i am naive next to your generations of experience.. and i do know that what is different is hated and rejected!!

Dear Pretentious People,
I have tried to try it my way, and i have to say i failed, not once, not twice, a lot more.

Dear Society,
you know your people better, you tried to tell me how to deal with them, you explicitly told me to "play games" around, you showed me the right path, gave me every sign, but i was stubborn enuf to rebel, i just wanted to be honest, i simply wanted to be who i am, i hated wearing masks, i hated wearing fake smiles... well, my way, has miserably failed with your nation..

Dear Self,
I'm sorry i made the same mistake again, i loved others more than i loved you

Dear Heart,
Get numb or die trying!

Dear Life,
My bad!

Saturday, May 7, 2011