I'm just me, whatever that is, and here, is where i like to document some of my thoughts or life events, and whatever else I feel like writing about..
This is also the place where I whine about what I don't like in general, most of the posts are gloomy and sad, you probably won't find something cheerful, due to the fact I only need to speak out when I'm sad or annoyed, but when happy I live the moment.

Oh and I also love animals, A LOT, I'm against eating them, skinning them for their fur or leather, testing on them or using them in general.

I might be silly enough to say that I resemble my Gemini sign..
I can be so cheerful and fun at moments, so sincere and loving, caring, giving and passionate.
And I can also be so boring and ugly, carelessly rude and mean.. If you don't love me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best.