Sunday, February 16, 2014

A dance with death on the cliff

I was gonna die when I fell from the mountain.. The problem however, is that I didn't !
That was the second time I have a near death experience, this time with a skull fracture, and for the second time I feel very peaceful and accepting to the idea that I might now be dying.. I felt peace.

I spent almost an hour with an open bleeding head, a fractured skull, a face full of blood, a wounded and shivering body at 0 temperature, waiting for a rope to climb my 10 meter way up, knowing that at each moment I might fall deeper the 1900 meters high.. My insanely shivering body was moving the stones beneath, the ones that earlier have accidentally held me from falling deeper..

After almost 40 minutes from laying there in this situation, I felt that my body was finally surrendering, the energy was massively draining from my body parts, and my conscious couldn't handle this pressure anymore, I felt I was slowly fainting, losing all power.

When the rope came in, I held it like I'd hold my soul, I used my wounded knees to climb my way up on the sharp stones, and after some struggle, I arrived to safety and dropped.