Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Subliminal Messages

The world is invaded by subliminal messages and in fact they're becoming even more exposed and clear that they are no longer subliminal.
Our minds are getting re-programmed and we're not aware of that (well some of us are). We do things that we think we want to do them. we think we are free to do them while in fact we are programmed to get attracted to them and love them.

First, I'll explain the concept of subliminal messages.

The Concept
A subliminal message is any piece of information which is sent beyond the limit of human perception. However the subliminal messages still get processed by your sub-conscious mind. In this way changes can be made without your pre-existing self beliefs getting in the way.
Subliminal messages effect is subject to the perceiver state of mind, current beliefs, willingness, the more your current desires/beliefs/state-of-mind is compatible with the message content, the faster it will take effect. Subliminal messages effect is similar to the placebo effect, they influence you to act on a certain way by altering your thoughts, wants and desires.

We receive information subliminally all day from a range of sources from media, and advertising, but also from simple day to day life - there is always too much going on around us for our conscious mind to act on it all - so your subconscious mind filters through it and you are only aware of the information you need at the time. For example if you hear your name mentioned across a noisy room you tune into that conversation, this is because you were listening all along on the edge of your perception. Subliminal messages simply take advantage of the fact that your mind can process information you are not aware of.
Subliminal messages can be injected in all types of media (images, audio, video, games... etc.) and can also appear in many other different forms.

Images: Subliminal messages can be injected into images either as semi transparent text or another image that can be hardly recognised by the concious mind, but still processed subconsciously.
Audio: Subliminal messages can be implanted in audio in so many several ways like backmasking, while backmasking remains a very debatable subject, and of course you can pretend anything played backward mean anything you want since it's almost very ambiguous, but the fact remains that backmasked messages will pass through your hearing senses directly to your subconscious mind without the filtration of the conscious mind, whatever that message may appear to be - wether it was intentionally injected in the audio or it just unintentionally sounds so when played backwards. afterall it's not a matter of intention, it's a matter of what our minds receive.
Video: Injecting a single image frame in between let's say a 32 FPS video will not be obvious consciously to the perceiver, however the mind will process it subconsciously, this is used to implant brands and logos in videos to make the perceiver familiar with this logo. Another application of video subliminal messages is inserting an unusual frame (like a girl with 3 hands for example) into an ad video, people will not notice the single frame, however the ad will still draw their attention because there's something "unusual" there.
Other forms: Messages can be sent to the subconscious mind in other various forms, ill set an example I have read but i'm not really sure of it's accuracy - I'm just mentioning it to explain the technique: Volkswagen cars logo is said to be transformed into the Nazi sign when spun at a certain speed (which is what car wheels usually do).

Sex Sells
Subliminal messages is widely used in ads, mainly relating a certain product with sex will subconsciously make the ppl want this product more because they think it will make them feel good, even Disney implants sex messages into kids movie! YES Disney!! Subliminal advertising has been banned in US.

Those are some few examples, you can find more here:

Feel the curves, indeed.

Looks like flight attendants like large towers!

If this part wasn't so important, it wud have been cropped or photoshopped! or it was photoshopped to appear this way..

This one is so blatant that it's not even subliminal!

She's already willing, ready and holding it open. Will you buy this mouse?

Seems like little mermaid likes large towers too

Here are some music backmasking examples - I'm not pretty sure of the accuracy of this information, but Pink Floyd - Empty Spaces backmasked message is quite obvious and clear.

So enough with the examples you can google them anytime and find millions.

Who Cares?
Now, you may say: at the end, if chosing to eat from McDonalds will make me feel good (whatever the reason behind that is I'm not interested to know) then who cares, who cares if I really love McDonalds or I was just externally-influenced to chose it over BurgerKing for example..
Yes, you may be right.. but here's the thing, what will make you feel good is the "chosing" part, the eating part is something totally separate, let's say that when I'm hungry I will chose McDonalds over BurgerKing because I merely think "i'm lovin' it" although I don't really do, and because again it's related to sex pleasure and indeed, sex sells.
P.S. I'm not even implying that BurgerKing doesn't use subliminal messages too, I simply don't know.

To Be Continued
Ok I guess this post is getting too long and I still haven't reached the point where i'm actually pissed off, this all was an introduction of the concept... to be continued.


Dr.Mohammed said...

interesting topic!

i remember watching a documentary about such stuff, they asked some people to watch a video and they inject 3-5 images with statement says "scratch your nose" and it happened!! i think 5% of people do scratch their noses!!

Dareen said...

Many experiments have been stated regarding this area, it has already passed the theory phase into a proven science..
Our minds are being reprogrammed all over..

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately now adays people become victims to these proposals and presentations , and i dont think its comfortable to make a logical sane conversation with a brain washed person .
or i may say the whole thing gave birth to a new concept of " Saneness"
with many twisted aspects .
sarcastically speaking please do enjoy running your majestic brain cells! it may help you one day ! hopefully.
P.S " McDonald's are damn creative "
Lama Yasine