Sunday, May 30, 2010

I am the being.. I am the eternal spirit.. I am the soul

I'm not my name, I'm not my home, I'm not my car, I'm not my job, I'm not what I do for living, I'm not my life, I'm not my family, I'm not my laughs, I'm not my cries and I'm not my tears.
I'm not my memories nor my past, I'm not my experience nor my past actions.
I'm not my heart, I'm not the one I love, I'm not my thoughts, I'm not my mind or my brain it's an instrument/tool that I have and use when I need to, I'm not my body it's another instrument that I have and use, it's my physical form bounded by physical-world boundaries including time, space, temperature and gravity limits, bounded by the laws of the physical universe such as "fire burns" and "moon is far", I am not bounded by them, only my physical form is and only when I lose my physical form that I become totally free.. timeless.. spaceless..

Detaching from the physical form is known as "death" and is commonly misinterpreted as the end of one existance, while it's merely a liberation from the physical container, from the vessel that is bounded by too many constraints.

My body and my mind will always be restricted by this spatial temporal world that my earthly physical brain resists to understand any other; for the logic it follows to analyze is also drivin by the laws of the physical universe.

I'm the owner of all what I have, the watcher, the being..
I am the soul trapped in this body warming it up with huge loads of emotions energizing it with life, wandering around ignited by the will of moving forward despite of any obstacle no matter how hard it is, refusing any kind of restrictions longing for the ultimate liberation!

I am the being.. I am the eternal spirit.. I am the soul
Set me free!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

20 / 10 ?? Sad But True

Last night, I've been asked "what's the result of 20/10" ?!
& the asker was seriously wondering about it, and the asker is a teacher!! isn't that 2nd grade basic math? where's the education that parents paid a lot for in the 90s?? and THIS is a teacher for nowadays students..

I think now I know how to set my expectations for the upcoming generation!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

[Music] Another day goes by...

Lie to me, say that you need me
That's what I wanna hear
That is what, what makes me happy
Hoping you'll be near
All this time, how could I know
Within these walls, I can feel you

Another day goes by, will never know just wonder why
You made me feel good, made me smile
I see it now, and I, can say it's gone
That would be a lie
Cannot control this, this thing called love

You must think, how can this be
You don't really know me
I can't tell, this ain't the time
You'll never be mine
What can I say, something 'bout my life
I just lost again

Another day goes by, will never know just wonder why
You made me feel good, made me smile
I see it now, and I, can say it's gone
That would be a lie
Cannot control this, this thing called love

Always have to move on,
To leave it all behind
Go along with time

Another day goes by, will never know just wonder why
You made me feel good, made me smile
I see it now, and I, can say it's gone
That would be a lie
Cannot control this, this thing called love

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The physical world is NOT all there is (Excerpt 2)

While I was reading, I found this excerpt quite interestingly inspiring.. enjoy:

It should be of little surprise that the world view which is emerging calls into question many of the things Western society holds to be true:

MYTH #1 Humanity has reached the pinnacle of its development.
Esalen co-founder Michael Murphy, drawing upon comparative religious studies, medical science, anthropology, and sports, has made a provocative case that there are more advanced stages of human development. As a person reaches these advanced levels of spiritual maturity, extraordinary capacities begin to blossom - of love, vitality, personhood, bodily awareness, intuition, perception, communication, and volition.
First step: to recognize they exist. Most people do not. Then, methods can be employed with conscious intention.

MYTH #2 We are completely separate from each other, nature, and the Kosmos.
This myth of "other-than-me" has been responsible for wars, the rape of the planet, and all forms and expressions of human injustice. After all, who in their right mind would harm another if they experienced that person as part of themselves? Stan Grof, in his research of nonordinary states of consciousness, summarizes by saying "the psyche and consciousness of each of us is, in the last analysis, commensurate with "All-That-Is" because there are no absolute boundaries between the body/ego and the totality of existence."
Dr. Larry Dossey's Era-3 medicine, where the thoughts, attitudes, and healing intentions of one individual can influence the physiology of another person (in contrast to Era-2, prevailing mind-body medicine) is very well supported by scientific studies into the healing power of prayer. Now this can’t happen according to the known principles of physics and world view of traditional science. Yet the preponderance of evidence suggests that indeed it does.

MYTH #3 The physical world is all there is.
Materialistically bound, traditional science assumes that anything that cannot be measured, tested in a laboratory, or probed by the five senses or their technological extensions simply doesn't exist. Its "not real." The consequence: all of reality has been collapsed into physical reality. Spiritual, or what I would call nonphysical, dimensions of reality have been run out of town.
This clashes with the "perennial philosophy," that philosophical consensus spanning ages, religions, traditions, and cultures, which describes different but continuous dimensions of reality. These run from the most dense and least conscious - what we'd call "matter" - to the least dense and most conscious, which we'd call spiritual.
Interestingly enough, this extended, multidimensional model of reality is suggested by quantum theorists such as Jack Scarfetti who describes superluminal travel. Other dimensions of reality are used to explain travel that occurs faster than the speed of light - the ultimate of speed limits. Or consider the work of the legendary physicist, David Bohm, with his explicate (physical) and implicate (non-physical) multidimensional model of reality.
This is no mere theory - the 1982 Aspect Experiment in France demonstrated, that two once-connected quantum particles separated by vast distances remained somehow connected.
If one particle was changed, the other changed - instantly. Scientists don’t know the mechanics of how this faster-than-the-speed-of-light travel can happen, though some theorists suggest that this connection takes place via doorways into higher dimensions.

So contrary to what those who pledge their allegiance to the traditional paradigm might think, the influential, pioneering individuals I spoke with felt that we have not reached the pinnacle of human development, we are connected, rather than separate, from all of life, and that the full spectrum of consciousness encompasses both physical and a multitude of nonphysical dimensions of reality.
At core, this new world view involves seeing yourself, others, and all of life, not through the eyes of our small, earthly self that lives in time and is born in time. But rather through the eyes of the soul, our Being, the True Self. One by one, people are jumping to this higher orbit.


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Time Travel with System Restore

You can use System Restore to undo harmful changes to your computer and restore it's settings and performance. System Restore returns your computer to an earlier time (called restore point) without causing you to lose recent work, such as saved documents, e-mail, or history and favorites lists.
Any changes that System Restore makes to your computer are completely reversible.
Your computer automatically creates restore points (called system checkpoints), but you can also use System Restore to create your own restore points. This is useful if you are about to make a major change to your system, such as installing a new program or changing your registry.

How I love IT world, so magical, full of backup solutions!! imagine there would be such "Life-Situation Restore" in reality.. WOW! something like The Butterfly Effect with a more elegant/organised manner... The thought of it is enough to make me daydream for hours.

However, I guess it would be somehow boring then; for the thrilling challenge about life is that it's unreversible, unrestorable, whatever you get you have to live with it whether you like it or not, learn to accept it.
Life will always, ALWAYS go on, with the same speed, the same clock ticks, it will never wait for you, neither to finish grieving, nor to enjoy a beautiful moment nor to plan, it will go on regardless of your situation, regardless of your desires, for to life you are just another element. Here comes the choice, the secret to inner happiness, inner peace; to live life, which is the current moment, not the past, nor the future, THIS is your life, Now it is, not yesterday, not 5 minutes from now, right now it is. Always have been, always will be.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Random, Very Random


Nothing new is happening, my life is still having the same vortex turbulent nature that I can't rest if it rests, now with a way more happier-cheerful flavor mixed up with the disappointment of some hopes I once was insane enough to have;
Some are hopes (more of dreams actually) of a loving society, smiling faces all around, pure hearts, semitic souls. Yet I'm so content of the new concept I recently opened up to, to live and appreciate each and every moment of my life fully, to feel every single breath deep inside, feel every breeze on my skin, to be more aware of the surrounding beauty. simply enjoying whatever I get, I extremely got excited while playing GodOfWar last night like a little goofy kid.

However, I'm still looking for a way out of here, I'm already losing my best friends and I feel like nothing is left for me in here, I'm done with it all, not sure if it would make things better but still worth the try.

Still waiting, and living.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

[Music] And in a funny way I'm calm

No more waiting, no more, aching...
No more fighting, no more, trying...

Maybe there's nothing more to say
And in a funny way I'm calm
Because the power is not mine
I'm just going to let it fly

Saturday, May 1, 2010


I love the golden streetlights' reflection on an empty road while driving late at night..