Thursday, March 10, 2011

Frozen Rain in The North of Heaven

A peace of ice lingers within, too cold that it hurts
She smiles, absently
Entering the gates of heaven was bizarre, more than she thought it would be, moreover, full of promising fanciful illusions
She's still scared of proceeding forward, terrified of the unrevealed
She learned in her earthly life to face fear of the unknown with curiosity
Nevertheless, she's not sure she can afford another wound, much deeper this time
She knows, nothing is for free, a simple mistake will inflame her soul to vanish
Does she have the choice anymore, she wonders..
Is it too late to go back home? is she too lost to be saved now?
Her perpetual state of stillness immobilized her heart back on earth, her coping mechanism was to always seclude herself to her comfort corner of silent careless solitude, "If I don't allow anyone near me, I won't get hurt", she thought, "If I don't care, I won't be vulnerable".
She wanders until she reaches the frozen rain, she deeply inhales the smell of it, like the last breath of the drowning, peacefully washing her itching doubts away
Awakened to the devil around her, she shivers, he looks her gently into her confused eyes
His sublime smile is a beautiful lie, he holds her tightly and implies: "Trust Me"..
Bewitched her soul, she forsakes her guardian shields, gives in and flies away

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