Monday, February 27, 2017

Why I love him

Why i love this man:

He's a curious explorer with an insatiable desire to wander the world aimlessly and breath life within at a pace that suits his precious heart beats.
He's the smarter of us and the calmer, and most of the times wiser, he brings with perfect sweetness peace to my heart and knows how to reach to the deapest of my core and cuddle me with his flow of love that leaves me surrendering to him.
He lives in the world with peace and as he values his life, he does the same to others, he respects life and earth and the inhabitats, and he does it all gracefully.
With him I've been inspired endlessly and my life took great turns and my thinking shifted in interesting ways that without him, I wouldn't be the same.
Conversations with him are always filled with exciting discussions and higher lever analysis and deeper thoughts than the average, he fills me with the desire to hear more and know more.
His charming sense of humor and the laughs he brings to my life are at the essence of my joy and happiness, he makes me happier everyday.

I love this man because it's the only thing I can do around him, he leaves me no choices.

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