Sunday, September 26, 2010

Discovering Me

When i'm happy, I'm hyper and silly..
when i'm in love, i'm flying, calm and quite..
when i'm angry, i'm rude and ugly..
when i'm sleepy, i'm high..
when i'm sad i'm disconnected, isolated..
when i'm alone, i'm not really alone i wud be having arguments and fights with myself that usually end up with depression..
when i'm working, i'm extremely focused..
when playing with my cat, i'm silly as my cat..
when i'm dreaming, i'm in heaven.. when in pain, i'm silently smiling or crying alone.


a7mad Issa said...

nice blog... totally different posts on ur blog..

and since u r a developer than i wanna ask u to tell me why the text in this post appears to be random :)

Dareen said...

It was something with the image alignment vs various screen resolutions, fixed now.
And welcome :)