Thursday, September 2, 2010

Memory Leaks

Is there a way, any way, to fix memory leaks in a human system?
I've been suffering with my weak bad memory since forever and it's driving me crazy lately, I forget things, events, people, appointments, my phone.. whatever might come to anyone's mind! I even forget to eat sometimes..
I forget important things that shouldn't be forgotten, sometimes things that I really long for, I would passionately wait for a certain day to come, and when it comes I totally forget all about it!
I would commit to an extremely important appointment, forget my phone at my car and totally forget about it!! It's like i'm having Alzheimer.
I know some would suggest using reminders, but if I already forget my "reminder-device" then it's not gonna work, I tried switching my watch to the other hand to remember important things, it worked for a while then I started forgetting to switch it.. I'm tired of forgetting !!

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