Tuesday, November 2, 2010

@ Libya - Random Observations

Day 1: Libya is a dry country
Day 2: Women are prohibited to smoke argeeleh in some places, but they still can smoke cigarettes!
Day 3: There are many programmer girls here, but not as good as the guys..
Day 4: There are no cinemas just like Saudi, but women can drive cars..
Day 5: I think it's Libya who invented the Arab appointments system, they are always too late.. Always!
Day 6: Shopping here is really cheap!! and a trainee's car got stolen today!
Day 7: In Libya, ppl are very kind, nice and sweet.. AND they are actually smart unlike what is being said about them...
Day 8: Flight back to Amman

Day 9: Back! Forbidden Paradise, so ironic, just as Alanis Morissette's Ironic
Day 10: Sweet November
Day 11: Flight Back....... Good Bye Libya!! first time ever i'm not excited to go back to Amman!!


conthoun said...

what do you mean by Libya is a dry country?

Dareen said...

Alcohol is forbidden there

conthoun said...

Are you an alcoholic person

Dareen said...

I still can't see how is my personal preference related to the topic or to your concern!

conthoun said...

Your blog name is "THE GIRL THAT I AM", i am asking about the girl you are.

a7mad said...

First: 7amdellah 3al salameh !
You mentioned everything about libya except MS event !!!

Dareen said...

@a7mad: allah ysalmak, the event went GREAT!! & I enjoyed it.. ill post about it as soon as I get the session pictures from Microsoft :)