Monday, May 28, 2012

Creating Memories

It's been a very long time since i last blogged, i somehow lost the desire to post as frequent, this was caused by subsequent rejections for my differences, i know, that i have already posted about handling rejection.. but i fell for that, and chose to smother my rebellious thoughts and calm down my whining mind..

However, here i go again, i know i paused for a while but i love blogging because i'm the type of person who loves and adores logs, those are traces of events, like audit logs and event logs in software development for example, or even mobile phone calls logs, activity logs.. i love logs, and i like to go back to my blog from time to time and examine the way i felt in certain periods of my life, remember the lessons that i learned, since i have a terribly bad memory i have to say, but anyways, going back to my blog, feels home sometimes.

I was recently thinking of something, a concept, that served me for so long, to enjoy my life and be a positive joyful person in times i could be very depressed instead. The concept was simple 'creating memories', creating good memories to re-live again by remembering them, bringing cheerful moments to my life, being enthusiastic about almost anything exciting and new, having the urge to do and accomplish new things, all of that, for the sake of creating memories.

So far so nice, but, here's what hit me, why go back to those memories in the first place, why waste my current present moment and go back to a more cheerful moment and live it, why not appreciate every single moment of my life just for the sake of living this exact moment because life is always, always the current present moment, life is never the past neither it's the future, it will be the future, but when that happens, it will then be a present moment, so your present is your past's future, the now is your future's past, so.. i'll still be enjoying my life, one moment at a time, and in the future, instead of watching the tape of my happy life, i will still be enjoying it.

I labeled this post 'My Philosophy', i might be changing that to 'My ever-changing philosophy'

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