Sunday, September 23, 2012

Floating Thoughts - II

Journeys of the mind
being a watcher for a while reveals some of the patterns the mind plays
it's a dangerous instrument, what's more dangerous is surrenduring to it
the mind bores from happiness, it looks for suffering to entertain, to nourish itself driven by its survival instinct
it can't survive when you are happy, because you don't think much, if you're suffering, worried or anxious, you think too much, and that's the peek of the mind joy
what freaks me out even more, is that we think, we are this instrument that we have
but we usually forget that we're not what we have


Spontaneously Genuine
It's genuine when it's spontanious, whatever it is
as a genuinity lover, i love ppl and things when they are in their original state
i love when ppl do things without thinking too much, because this is who they are without modification
perfection is a desease, perfection is not as beautiful as the word might seem, perfection is fake, imperfection is original
simply, just as is


trying to manipulate ppl's minds/thoughts is a disrespect to their ability to recognize it


What's wrong?
When someone asks this question, regardless of your situation, it most probably will make you feel that something is actually wrong, you might feel that you're worried or anxious
Some would fall for this
this question is a kind of a reminder of the most recent unpleasant feeling, even if you had a wonderful day
religion evangelists would use this trick highly, they would approach a person and say, you look troublesome, worried.. the person would then be surprised "how did you know?" even if they are not, because you can always say to any person "you look worried" and they will mostly approve, even if they were not, but by you simply saying so, they will feel so and relate to the most recent event that can make them feel not good enough even if small
be careful when you are asked this question, not to fall under its effect

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