Sunday, August 29, 2010

At The Cemetery

It's late night already, but even the night darkness wont leave her alone..
She misses him too much, it's been a long while since he's gone and the more she waits to die the more she wants him back to life

She asks me to take her to the cemetery as an attempt to be around him, she kisses his soil and sleeps over his grave, wets it with her grieving tears.
Not the empty darkness nor the barking dogs would scare her away
She feels home now, she is home, for this is where she belongs, the only thing missing there is her death, she prays and pleads for it over and over again asking God to take her soul out, but nothing happens, her prayers were never answered anyway.

And she keeps on waiting, if only he were there, if only he knew what's happening, if only..
We go back and she thanks me, as if she needed to..
I would give my own soul to her if I had to, but I know she's already overloaded with hers.

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